Posted by: Azmi Abdul Latiff | July 6, 2007

Video camera handling class

The AI students were exposed to how to handle a video camera. I sought help from Mohamad Yusof Mohd Noor to train the students on how to use a video cam such zooming in and out, panning, recording and pausing and so on.

Posted by: Azmi Abdul Latiff | July 4, 2007

The Apprentice


Another blog class..this time with the Engineering Project Management students. Some of them have already created their own blogs and I could see these people were excited about blogging as they voluntarily explored the  After 2 hours of exposure to WordPress, I asked the students to watch the Apprentice 2 Episode 2…Ice Cream Shop. Asked them to look for positive as well as negative values in the particular episode, comment on leadership of project managers, cooperation among members, decision making, justifying decisions taken and task handling (job delegation etc)
Told the students to write their comments in their blog…must be up in the blog by Friday morning…besides they will be asked to comment orally during the next class meeting…good luck guys! See ya!!

Posted by: Azmi Abdul Latiff | July 3, 2007

Blog session with the AI


My second meeting with the AI students started a bit late as I had to attend an INSEP meeting. But once the class started, it turned out to be an interesting session. The students were introduced to A few problems cropped up, mostly related to late emails sent from WordPress to Yahoomail. After they have registered, activation notice was not immediately sent to the students mailbox. Based on the responses, they were all unfamiliar with blogging. My intention was so that later the students can present their assignment or report via the blog that they have built.

Posted by: Azmi Abdul Latiff | July 2, 2007

Evaluation of web-based materials

While conducting Internet research, web-based materials need to be carefully selected and evaluated? Why is it important to do so? What are the features of a credible web site?

Posted by: Azmi Abdul Latiff | June 28, 2007

Welcome to INSEP 2007 blog

Hi all! I create this blog for you all to share your experience in undergoing the 2007 INSEP. If you are interested to be a contributor, please notify me through my mail by giving me your name and mail address.